Become a Partner

The Kids in Parks program is working with partners throughout the country to get kids in parks by installing TRACK Trails on their sites. TRACK Trails are self-guided trail adventures that are overlaid upon pre-existing hiking trails (and other types of trails). Each TRACK Trail has a series of brochure-led adventures designed to turn an ordinary hike into a fun-filled, educational experience. TRACK Trails are linked through our website, and kids who register their trail adventures are eligible to join our online Trail TRACKer Team.

We have partnered with the National Park Service, the US Forest Service, the Army Corps of Engineers, several State Park systems (NC, VA, SD) as well as city and county parks to create networks of TRACK Trails… is your agency/site next?

Below are a few links to PDF’s with information designed to help you get to know the Kids in Parks program, and a form designed to help us get to know you or your organization.

Download the "How to Install a TRACK Trail" PDF

Download the "Startup Budget" PDF